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The Benefits of Branded Paid Ad Campaigns and How to Create Them

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What is the purpose of Brand Campaigns in Google Ads?

According to Google:

The purpose of a brand-engagement campaign is to build awareness of and positive associations with your company and its products and services. A customer can interact with your brand in a variety of ways, including watching videos, playing games, spending time on your website, or communicating with other customers.

Brand Campaigns include keywords of your brand and possible misspellings.

They ensure that people searching for your brand are able to see your site above any organic listings.

For example, Brand Ads help communicate all the information about the upcoming sale, which is unable to be picked up organically.

Canadian Tire's Brand Campaign Cyber Sale

Most importantly, there are high possibilities that your competitors could end up bidding on your brand keywords which we most certainly need to tackle.

If you already have Brand campaigns in your account, make sure all eligible keywords have more than 90% Search impression share.

Why Create Brand Campaign?

We recommend running a brand campaign for five key reasons:

1. Incremental clicks

While bidding on your brand terms will cannibalize some organic traffic, there’s plenty of research indicating you’ll gain incremental clicks from both paid ads and organic results. Here’s an example:

2. Cost-Effective

Brand traffic is cheap. Quality Scores are artificially high, and conversion rates are often disproportionately strong, so the incremental conversions are usually worth the cost.

3. Control on Landing Page

You can easily control which page a prospect will land on when they click on a brand ad. You may want to serve modified pages better adapted for AdWords traffic.

4. Protection from Competitors

Better take up the spot so that a competitor doesn’t! Bidding on your brand terms increases the cost for competitors to bid on the same terms.

5. Account-Wide Quality Score Boost

Although unproven, if account-wide, historical Quality Scores impact AdRank, consider branding campaigns as an easy way to improve account-wide Quality Scores.

How do I create a brand campaign?

You’ll have to create your brand campaign in Google Ads, but we’ll give you ideas for your ad group name, your new ad, and your brand keywords.

1. Create New Campaign

In Google Ads, navigate to Campaigns. Click the blue + button and select Search campaign type. Choose your campaign goal.

2. Set Campaign Properties

Name your campaign something like welbyconsulting | Brand Campaign. Choose Locations, Bids, and Budget.

We recommend setting your bid strategy as follows:


Click Save and Continue.

3. Name the Ad Group

For example, welbyconsulting Brand Terms

4. Create a New Ad

Write an ad to capture the attention of people searching for your business with any quickly upcoming sales or promotions you’d like to get extra attention.

5. Input Brand Keywords

Cover the basics, as well as thinking about potential misspellings and variations of your domain name. Something like:

+welby +consulting
“welby consulting”
+welbyconsulting +com
+www +welbyconsulting
+www +welbyconsulting +com

6. Save Ad Group

Click Save Ad Group.


That’s it! Once your ads have been approved by Google, your brand campaigns will be up & running.

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